Put the power of learning to read in a child’s hands...at the end of 2013, Take Pride Learning® authored, created and published iKnow™ Series: a revolutionary, enhanced 5-eBook series that actually helps young children learn how to read by using original music and rhyme, repetition and impact, interactive hot spots and videos, proven-research methods and core standards and a captivating story featuring the animals in the SunMoona Pride and their secret letters!

The Take Pride Learning® Team, our Pride, includes award-winning teachers, digital artists, musicians, animators, producers, authors, writers, directors, speech pathologists, sound engineers, web designers, programmers, pre and post production specialists, and social media and marketing consultants. Take Pride Learning® collaborated with non-profit organizations focusing on educational reform, worked with a New York Times best-selling author, and created a DVD Box Set and animal ABC cards in partnership with the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Visit the iKnow website www.iKnowABC.com.



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